Public Access Television offers workshops to provide Iowa City & Coralville area residents with the basic skills necessary to produce local television programming. Successful completion of each workshop certifies producers to use PATV equipment and its facilities for production. A registration fee is required in order to reserve a space in each workshop (see amounts below). These fees may be waived by working as a volunteer on PATV shows. PATV also waives workshop fees for students ages 14 through 17.

Guidelines FREE introductory course
This class is REQUIRED for all new producers, providers, and potential members! Guidelines is an introduction and prerequisite to our technical workshops. Learn about PATV and become a member of a non-profit community organization dedicated to diversity in community communication. (You only need to attend one session.)

Sunday, October 5, 10am-12pm

Lights, Camera, Action (1 class) $40.00
This class will cover the basics of how to use our digital cameras, SVHS cameras, and the Lowell DV Creator light kit. Learn the basics of composition and 3-point lighting.

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TV Studio (1 class) $40.00
Everything you need to know to produce a show in the PATV studio. Covers studio cameras, lights, audio, graphics & directing.

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DV Editing - Final Cut $40.00
Get started with Apple Final Cut Pro. Students should have basic computer literacy.

FCP Basic - Call for an appointment
FCP Intermediate - Call for appointment - 338-7035

Digital Animation Techniques $40.00
PREREQUISITE: PATV Membership. Learn fun animation techniques using Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, and iStopMotion. You should be computer saavy to take full advantage of this class. A working knowledge of Final Cut Pro is recommended.

Call for appointment - 338-7035

DVD Authoring (1 class) $FREE
PREREQUISITE: DIGITAL EDITING - BASIC. Burn your short DV project to DVD using Apple’s iDVD software. Ideally you should have a completed, short (0-10 min.) DV project ready to burn. You must be a member who is certified in basic digital editing.

Call for appointment - 338-7035

Linear Editing< (1 class) $40.00
In this class, learn how to assemble and insert edit with PATV’s cut-to-cut, analog editing equipment. If you think linear editing is outdated, think again! It is still used widely in field and news production. Special discount rate if taken with TV Studio - both classes for $75.

Call for appointment - 338-7035

Pre-production (free, 1 class)
Organize your project in this class. We will work on your ideas and plan all steps of production in this informal class. Who is your audience? How do you shoot it? What are your goals for the project?

Call for appointment - 338-7035

Ask us about Special Workshops! Special workshop groups and times can be scheduled with our workshop instructors. Call or email ahead to sign up for workshops.

Reminder:All workshops are held at Public Access Television, 206 Lafayette St., Iowa City. Workshop fees MUST be paid in advance. You need to give PATV a 24-hour notice if you cannot attend a workshop or your fees will become a donation. All classes will begin on time. You need to attend ALL of the classes within each track to become certified to use PATV equipment. For more information about workshops e-mail us at [email protected]