Community Bulletin Board

PATV hosts an electronic Community Bulletin Board for local events and information about non-profit organizations in the Iowa City/Coralville area. If you have a gig, lecture, recital, reading, fundraiser, workshop, art opening, or any other event you’d like listed, drop off, mail or email your press release to us.

Your press release should clearly state the name of the event, sponsoring organization, time and day of event, location, short description, and phone number, web address, or email where more information can be obtained. Sorry, we cannot list ticket prices.

We also host calls for volunteer and community special services that are ongoing.

The Community Bulletin Board can be seen between the end and beginning of each broadcasting day (times vary between 12am-11am).

This is our standard event listing format:
Organization Name presents
Title of Event (brief description)
on Date @ Time
for more information call Phone Number
or email Address

If you’d like to email us an event to be listed, it can be sent to
[email protected]