Making and Submitting Shows

Want to Make a Show?
If you have a show idea you’re ready to bring to fruition you can start by attending our Guidelines workshop. This FREE, one-time, two-hour workshop will cover all of the rules and regulations of broadcasting on our channel as well as introduce you to PATV workshops and membership benefits. Guidelines is required for everyone. The Guidelines instructor can also help clear up any questions you have and help you figure out the best path to take to making your program. Check the Workshop page for the next Guidelines class.

After Guidelines sign up for workshops to get certified on the equipment at PATV. New members receive one free $40 workshop. Upon completing of the workshop(s) you can begin using the PATV equipment free of charge.

Iowa City/Coralville residents: Give us your videos!
Did you know anyone in Iowa City and Coralville can provide programming for air on PATV for free? A provider is an area resident who provides pre-produced show(s) to PATV. All you have to do is take our FREE Guidelines Class to become a registered provider. Then you can submit a school play, a sports event, parade, or an original program.

As a provider you can also serve as the point person for programs produced outside of Iowa City. PATV constantly receives shows seeking local providers. Stop by PATV and see if there are any you might be interested in sharing with the community.

Programs from Outside of Iowa City
As a local access station we are dedicated to locally-produced work, limiting the amount of outside programming we can air. Series programs are usually harder to program than individual shows. Additionally, you must have someone in the Iowa City/Coralville area provide your show.

For single programs we recommend you send us a copy of your program and we will inform our members that your program is seeking a provider. We do not return tapes submitted to PATV. There is no charge for you or your provider for individual shows.

For producers submitting outside series, please include a detailed written description of your show by mail or e-mail. If someone in the community decides to provide your series, they are responsible for receiving and turning in your shows, and paying the yearly $25 series provider fee. PATV will not act as the go-between for you and the provider. Tapes should be sent directly to the provider. Payment should also come directly from the local provider. All local programming has priority over non-local programs.