Live & Local


Since 2000, the PATV Live & Local series has been addressing local issues and community topics in the Iowa City area. It serves as a forum for both citizens and organizations in Iowa City. We encourage the participation of the public and welcome you to become part of the show.

The Live & Local program provides an outstanding opportunity to inform the Iowa City community on upcoming events, groups, projects, and organizations. If you or your organization is interested in being featured on Live & Local contact us to find out how easy it is to start getting the word out to the local community, live on PATV Channel 18. Get started now by calling us at 338-7035 or email us at [email protected]!

SHOW TIMES Monday at 7:30 pm
Saturday at 12 pm
The show airs only on PATV, Channel 18 in Iowa City.

GETTING STARTEDIf you are preparing for an upcoming epidsode or have an idea for a show, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Have guest names, titles, and a title of the show ready.
  2. Have any videos, images, websites, email addresses, phone numbers, dates and times of the event or group to be displayed during the show ready before show time.
  3. Have a moderator or host in mind for the show. PATV can provide moderators, but with limited staff and budget it is not always easy.
  4. Prepare a script or itinerary for the show. You don’t need all of your interview questions arranged in advance, but the more you prepare the better.
  5. Come early and help us get your names displayed correctly, do a short run through of the show, and get comfortable with the studio.
  6. The show is usually LIVE at 7:30pm on Monday. This means there is no editing, no pause button, no “do-overs” and it lasts thirty minutes or less. There are also no commercials, but if you bring images or video we can take a break when that plays.
  7. We can set-up phone calls from viewers if you let us know you want to take questions and comments.
  8. We can make a DVD copy for anyone who appears on the show.
  9. Smile and have fun! It’s always normal to feel nervous before a show. Be assured the half an hour really flies by and it always feels great once the show is complete.
  10. Did you think of an idea for a show yet? Call us at 319.338.7035 or email us at [email protected] to set up a show that tells a local story, promotes a local event, or covers a local political issue.

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Evert Conner Center

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Iowa City City Council District C Candidates
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United Action for Youth
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2000 - 2002:
ICCSD: School Bond Referendum
A Retrospective of “Live & Local”
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Television Access in Iowa City
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Paratransit Issues
ICCSD Board Members
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New Pioneer Co-op
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Deaf Culture
Thanksgiving in July
The Nest of Johnson County
Stories 2000
Long-term Care Reform (MiCassa)
Stepping Up Project
National Volunteer Week
PATV History
University Budget Cuts
Uptown Bill’s Small Mall
ARC of Johnson County
Project Holiday
Garbage searches / “Knock & Talk”
No Baloney Candidates Forum
Iowa Shares
After September 11th
Proposed Charter Amendments
Neighborhood Center
Selling the Country Farm
Sexual Assault Awareness
Boy Scouts of America
Englert Theater Update
Redistricting & the Special Legislation Session
Tribute to Bob Simpson
Iowans with Disabilities Act
RSVP Volunteers
Walk for Dignity
Graffiti Theater
Bridging the Generation Gap
ADA Under Attack
Holiday Show
Hani Elkadi Mural
Election Special (Jail, Liberty, First Ave)
Smoking Ban
Irvin Pfab’s Alleged Sexual Assault
Sexual Assault in Iowa City
Organic Foods in Iowa City
Emma Harvat
3rd Party Options for President
Living Wage in Iowa City
Remembering the Korean War
Pride Month
World Trade Organization- Local Protesters Talk
Englert Theatre Group
First Avenue Expansion
Fetal Tissue for Sale?
IC Public Library Expansion Activists Speak Out
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