Equipment and Facilities

Control Room
1/2″ SVHS Cut to Cut Editing Station
Compix Graphics System
Phil’s Amiga for old school producers (available upon request)
Mastering to MiniDV, DVD, and SVHS
16-channel soundboard
VHS, DVD, MiniDV roll-in decks
Scan converter for Powerpoint and Web integration
Flatbed Scanner
CD, Tape, LP, iTunes audio

3-camera set-up
Marley dance surface or carpet floor
Dimmable lighting grid
Green screen, black backdrop, light blue backdrop
Live phone-in capabilities
A/V monitors

Edit Bays
(1) G5’s with Final Cut Studio and iMovieHD
(2) iMac Intel with Final Cut Studio and iMovieHD

Sony VX-2000(Xena), Sony VX-2100(Leroy), Sony PD-150(Max), Sony PD-170(Marvin), Panasonic GS-250(Wanda), Panasonic GS-180(LaFawnda), Panasonic SVHS cameras, Sony Hi8 camera(JoJo)
Shure Mics SM57, SM58s, Shotgun Mic, PZM Mic, Sony Lavaliers, Azden Wireless Mic
Boom Pole, Mic Stands (Short, Tall, Instrument)
Tripods, Shoulder Mount Stabilizer
Tota Light Kit, DV Creator Light Kit