I wish that was a joke, but sadly no. And imitation being the most sincere form of flattery aside, the unfortunate truth is that there are one or more unauthorized websites currently associating their own organizations and fund-raising schemes with PATV. Don’t be fooled! — Apart from this site, and a youtube & google.video […]

Though briefly delayed due to the flooding, PATV’s annual summer tradition returns this Thursday, July 10th. At sunset, bike on down (or walk; or whatever) to 206 Lafayette St. and join us for the free, outdoor screening of several (mostly) comedic shorts, including: “Heat Vision & Jack,” “What To Do On A Date,” “Elvis Meets […]

I’m delighted to be able to say: PATV has reopened and is almost fully functional again! It went from a TV station to a tangled mound of cables and back in record time!
With the high waters leaving as quick as they came, it’s back to business usual(?) here at the center.  And with the threat of imminent doom […]

PATV is currently closed due to the floods; we’ve been very lucky so far and it looks like we may just be able to get through this and stay dry, though one hates to jump the gun on a statement like that. Most all of PATV’s gear has already been moved to higher ground, […]

UPDATE: Due to area flooding, the June 26 screening is being postponed to Thursday, July 10.

 After much trial and tribulation, Hotel info for the conference on May 22-23 in Chicago is finally here….
Here’s the scoop…
Travel Lodge, 65 E. Harrison Street has:
16 Standard rooms at $130 per night
24 Oversized rooms w/ 2 beds & kitchenette for $160 per night

To reserve, call Darren Andrews at (312) 376-1481 […]

2008’s off with a bang! The 1st month’s nearly over, and it was about as jam-packed with rumors and speculation as one would hope in these rumored, speculative times.

But breathe easy (for now), dear viewers: the Iowa City PEG channels are (allegedly) safe for another year (i.e.: the check’s in the mail). So come down […]

Some unrelated but impeccably timed problems had left PATV without email or even a website for a bit there, but I believe things are back in tip-top shape once again. However, should you experience troubles with either, please don’t hesitate to let us know (our phone lines have thus far been unscathed, knock on wood)!

Thanks to everyone who came to the Annual Meeting last night; it was, in spite of formidable technical setbacks, a rousing success!
In addition to welcoming two new members to the board of directors, the Producer and Volunteer Awards Presentation Ceremony, and the essential dining and mingling portion of the evening,* there were a […]

As you may be aware, PATV is tracking changes in legislation that will affect the future of public, educational, and governmental access (PEG) channels. The way that the law currently stands means that in the best-case scenario, PEG has only ten more years of funding in Iowa. PATV is taking steps to turn this unfriendly […]

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