Dear friends on the cutting edge of community media,
I invite you to participate in the 100 Second Film Festival.
This is an evolving festival and we are seeking works from anyone, any age, background and skill level. The video needs to be under 100 seconds and the content must be original or properly licensed for […]

Follow this link to see the highlights from the ACM Midwest Conference 2008.

As you may be aware, PATV is tracking changes in legislation that will affect the future of public, educational, and governmental access (PEG) channels. The way that the law currently stands means that in the best-case scenario, PEG has only ten more years of funding in Iowa. PATV is taking steps to turn this unfriendly […]

A short segment on the upcoming vote re: the 21 Ordinance in Iowa City.
Produced by Julie Spencer

For those who haven’t heard, new legislation has passed in Iowa that may have serious consequences for not just PATV and the other local P.E.G. stations, but all access channels state-wide.

With the future so tenuous and uncertain, the ability to use local cable-cast television to express your voice possesses a newfound sense of urgency and […]

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An inside look at Iowa City’s homeless shelter and an interview with its director.
Segment produced by Julie Spencer.

A panel discussion of the issues surrounding statewide cable franchising in Iowa, such as that proposed by the recently passed Senate File 554. Outlines the threats to community media and consumer protection.

FCC licensing for Community Radio will begin October 12, 2007 and last seven days. Please pass this on! Mention this opportunity to anyone you know in your town who might be interested -musicians, activists, radio geeks, non-profit organizations, local agencies, etc. The possibilities are enormous for communities to have our own megaphone […]