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206 Lafayette Street
Iowa City, IA 52240

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Public Access Television, Inc.(PATV) is a resource dedicated to diversity in community communication. PATV provides opportunities for local citizens to make use of current technology to exchange information and ideas and to participate in the democratic process. PATV promotes media literacy through training in media production and critical viewing. PATV provides YOU, the public, access to Mediacom cable channel 18.

PATV makes camcorders, editing facilities, a complete television studio, and a knowledgeable staff available to you. Once you have completed a program, whether you use the public access facilities, produce a program independently, or sponsor a program, PATV provides a channel on which to cablecast your program.

In this day and age when television has such a profound effect upon our culture, it is important to understand why and how it works. PATV is an incredible resource where anyone can explore the medium of television not simply by watching it, but by making it!

Board of Directors

Holly Berkowitz || Dave Gordon || Ross Meyer || Helen Moorhead || Steve Newell || Tom Nothnagle || John Schumacher || Lucretia Scott || Damon Shutt || Phil Phillips - former board member
The Board of Directors meets every third Thursday of the month. These meetings are most often held at the Access Center (206 Lafayette St. in IC) unless stated otherwise at the top of the agenda. Everyone is invited to attend.

View the February 2008 Board Meeting Agenda:
February 2008 Agenda


Emily Ashenfelter is a programmer at PATV. She joined the staff in 2002 after receiving her degree in Media Studies and Film from the University of Iowa. In addition to videomaking, she plays piano and violin and occasionally attempts to juggle.

Tad Davis is PATV’s new workshop instructor/production specialist. He has lots of illustrious credentials, you gonna love it. Stay tuned for details…

Josh Goding has been PATV’s Executive Director since April of 2004. From 1999, Josh served as PATV’s Head of Equipment. Goding helped produce such PATV classics as “Underground LIVE”, “Funzville”, “The Chins”, and the “Mad Hatter” specials. In his spare hours he enjoys bicycling, playing guitar (poorly), and eating pizza.

Jamal River is PATV’s trusted programmer. He is an active organizer and participant of Big Butt Theatre (formerly No Shame) as well as a multi-talented artist and musician (usually playing under the name King Toad). Someone else wrote this bio.