Live from Prairie Lights - Say So & Mule


Say So by Dora Malech - “Poetry. The poems in SAY SO are at once rigorously formal and wildly experimental. Human utterance—be it prayer or plea or pun or turn of phrase or epithet—is one of SAY SO’s primary pistons; poetic tradition—rhyme, meter, form, rhetoric—is another; the beauty and betrayals of the body, or bodies—echoed in the beauty and betrayal of language itself—is a third. Together, these forces provide the pressure that makes SAY SO move and brings these poems to life.”

Mule by Shane McCrae - “Mule is actually a very personal, very autobiographical book. In it, the author addresses his at the time failing second marriage (which he is no longer in), his son’s autism, his own racial identity, and some of his beliefs about God.”


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