PATV Workshops

Training in video production techniques is provided at PATV prior to use of equipment. Workshops are held periodically and by appointment. A person may sign up for monthly PATV workshops and help other community groups and community producers produce programs for the PATV channel.


The free Guidelines course is now available online at You can only take our other workshops after completing the Guidelines course. After watching the short presentation, you can turn in a signed Statement of Compliance, take a short 10-question quiz, and become a member of PATV!

The class at the studio is held on the first Thursday of every month. If you want to take the hour-long class in person at PATV, sign up stopping by or calling us at (319) 338-7035.



This class covers the proper handling, settings, and operation of PATV’s digital video cameras. From basic to advanced camera settings, this is your one stop shop for digital acquisition. Once this class is completed, you can check out our HD video cameras for convenient recording of a high-quality image.

The HD camera class is held on the third Thursday of every month at PATV. Sign up by stopping by or calling us at (319) 338-7035!



Through this two-part workshop, learn the essentials of studio use, lighting, camera placement, audio, green screen, and how to effectively use the HD TriCaster. Switch between three HD cameras while recording, streaming, and making a ready-to-play program or live program.

This class is held on the first Tuesday of every month at PATV. Sign up by stopping by or calling us at (319) 338-7035!



The Premiere Editing workshop is designed to teach producers the basics of non-linear editing in professional editing software. Producers will learn how to import footage, create projects, organize workspace, edit footage, and export a finished product. Premiere editing workshop is an industry standard and links with other programs in the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition, etc.). There are many options for exporting your finished media.

The Premiere Pro editing class is held on the fourth Thursday of every month at PATV. Sign up by stopping by or calling us at (319) 338-7035!



PATV schedules special workshops teaching various advanced production modes, media literacy, or other topics. These workshops will be announced to the PATV member list. Negotiable group rates are available for organizations or groups of three or more people who want to be trained together. These classes can also be arranged around your group’s schedule.



PATV members who are familiar with production equipment or software may wish to “test out” of a workshop rather than receiving instruction. To test out members will seek the approval of the staff, pay any applicable workshop fee, and then display a basic competence of skills with the equipment in question. At the discretion of staff, the member will either be immediately qualified to use the equipment, or will receive additional instruction.